The University Scholarship Project

The Women's Education Partnership helps women from ecomonically disadvantaged circumstances wishing to gain university degrees by paying their tuition and registration fees. The scholars come from the Nuba Mountains, Darfur, Eastern Sudan and Southern Sudan. They are required to achieve a high grade in their secondary school graduation exams and are recommended by a panel of experienced Sudanese volunteers including some of our patrons.

A pair of Women's Education Partnership Students in Juba

WEP students are filled with potential

This project is not intended to support further education beyond an initial university scholarship to a degree. Applicants must live in either Sudan or South Sudan and study in either Sudan or South Sudan.

November - 2014

A total of 310 women have graduated under the programme so far, 21 from January to September 2014.

We have a total of 64 scholars at present, the majority at Ahfad, and 10 at Juba University in South Sudan. 5 are funded by the Mo Ibrahim Foundation; 24 by Humanity United, 15 by the Gordon Memorial College Trust Fund, 2 by St Martins and 18 by private donors.

Women's Education Partnership Students in Khartoum

WEP students are a valuable resource

We aim to support Nuba women from disadvantaged backgrounds qualified to study science but who could not enter university because of lack of funds.

A scholars’ hostel in Omdurman has now been set up with capacity for 25 students - 17 are currently in residence.

Women's Education Students in Juba

WEP University students in Juba University.

We plan to recruit 12 health science scholars funded by Gordon Memorial Trust Fund in Sudan for the current academic year.

The Women's Education Partnership has aspirations to extend it's literacy program to South Sudan where there is much need for literacy. Funding is currently required to initiate this project. As things stand the priority for literacy training is in the Khartoum area.