The Solar Lighting Project

Very Sadly we have been unable to monitor this project since June 2011 because of insecurity, and cannot therefore confirm whether any of the panels installed in villages centres and schools outside Kadugli are still operational. Telephone contact has been lost with those responsible for the panels. The project remains effectively suspended until further notice.

Solar lighting in areas off the electricity grid, including refugee camps, has been a continuous request. Solar lighting panels enable adult education classes to meet after dark, school children to revise their class work and health activities to function.

A Sudanese community celebrates its TfS solar panel installation

Thrilled and excited - light!

Among our earliest initiatives, the placement of solar panels is an educational support project. This project has expanded gradually due to the expense of the panels and the instability of many areas in which panels are most needed to provide lighting to schools, clinics and community centres.

Since its beginning in 1997, the Solar Project has benefited at least 54,960 people at 25 sites. Due to recent changes in needs in Khartoum all active panels in the Khartoum area have been relocated to the Nuba Mountains and one in Kenana. Most of these are being maintained by people we have trained.

The Canada Fund and CARE International have been this project’s main supporters.

Solar panels benifit communities

Light for community buildings