An Update

A WEP sponsored University Student

Supporting University Students

In 2012 Women's Education Partnership was formed in response to the needs of women in South Sudan.

  • We appointed a new director.
  • We developed additional scholarships in Khartoum and Juba.
  • We delivered more outreaches in eye care, HIV/AIDS and adult literacy than ever before.
  • We relaunched our newsletter with a wider base of support from our friends and patrons.
  • We made a five year plan for Women's Education Partnership which will help the women of Sudan and South Sudan as they take education opportunities which will enable them to develop fully.
Two WEP sponsored students in Juba South Sudan

WEP sponsored University students from Juba in South Sudan

A disadvantaged women receives eye care

A disadvantaged woman attends an Eye Care Outreach.

Our Objectives

  • Fundraising

Make a donation and help make our objectives into achievements

Women's Education partnership Adult literacy

Women's Education Partnership facilitates adult literacy for women

A WEP funded teacher with her class of children

School children with their teacher.

What you can do:

Donations in any amount are much appreciated. But please consider whether you are able to support work such as this – and contribute to maintaining peace in Sudan by providing regular donations. Regular donations allow us to plan ahead and work more effectively.

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