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This Iman a WEP/TfS teacher

Iman thought the lecture was very imformative

Iman the Literary Class Facilitator

Iman is a facilitator of the TFS literacy classes at Takmoul in Haj Yousif. Recently the TFS/WEP HIV/AIDS team organized an awareness session in one of the sessions. Iman said, "It was a really amazing presentation, because the lecture was very informative and very valuable for teaching and advising." Iman added that "when women who live in vulnerable areas are equipped with these educational packages about HIV/AIDS, women will take the lead to change undesirable human conduct so as to stop the epidemic spread of AIDS."

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This is Alzeama a WEP/TfS student

Alzeama found education very important for her life

Alzeama the Literacy Student

Alzeama is 17 years old and originally from Nigeria, she is a student in Alkawther literacy class supported by TFS/WEP in Altakamoul block 2 in the Haj Yousif area. Alzeama left her basic school ten years ago to take care of her young sisters and brothers because her mother married another man. Alzeama found education very important for her life, she came to continue with TFS literacy classes until she achieves her basic certificate. Literacy teacher; Iman is helping her to continue her education. Alzeama said that "she wants to continue her education up to university, because education is the way to a bright future." Alzeama feels that "she can get a better job and position in the community." Alzeama also added that "in her community people respect the educated woman more than the illiterate and that she would be able to support her sisters and brothers to continue their education if she herself was educated."

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This is Hiba a WEP University student

"I really appreciate the great help provided to me"

Hiba the University Student

I am Hiba Hussein Bashir, from the Nuba Mountains, I study at Ahfad University for Women, school of health sciences (Dietetic option) 4th year first semester. Together for Sudan / Women's Education Partnership supported my education from the first year otherwise I would not be able to continue my education. I really appreciate the great help provided to me in order to educate myself and help build up my country through my education. After graduation, I would like to help my entire community learn about nutrition & food manners. I would like to go back to my home and contribute to the peace building initiatives in the community with my colleagues women who are educated through this program and work together to educate illiterate women in my home area.

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William the basic school headmaster

William is assisting various students who come from different displaced areas in Khartoum

William the Basic School Headmaster

William Ibrahim Tutu is headmaster of Nile Education Basic School Centre in the Id Hussein area. He has been working in the school since 2011 and Together for Sudan has supported this school since 2003. Most of William's students are from South Sudan & others are from South Kordofan, Blue Nile and few from Darfur.

"This period is a very hard time for both school and students, because of the separation of South Sudan and the fighting in the new country. The school helps the students who are interested to receive education in English. So, this centre is assisting various students who come from different displaced areas in Khartoum."

We help the students to build their own future through TFS/WEP support and to enable young displaced students to join the formal education system in the new country when they get back, so they will not face difficulties because of the language of instruction.

The TFS/WEP assistance is highly appreciated by William and the school administration that are looking for even more assistance and continuation.

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