Kimu Clinic in South Sudan

Kimu Clinic South Sudan

The Kimu Health Clinic in Juba South Sudan. The roof has new solar panels that enable reliable electric supply for refrigerating medicines

A patient is treated at Kimu Clinic in South Sudan

A patient is treated for a minor injury

The Kimu Health Centre serves around 49,000 residents of Gudele district Juba, people who have no other health facilities in the area. The community is poor: most are illiterate or poorly educated and eke out a living by taking low-paid construction or labouring jobs. Many households are headed by women who support their families by brewing local beer.

Kimu is run by the inspirational Silas Jojo, a former Country Director of Together for Sudan. Womens Education Partnership supports Kimu Clinic by funding specific and urgent needs; we are also funding the training of medical staff. Some 23,000 patients a year receive treatment in the health centre.

An undergraduate volunteer helps at an eye care outreach

Peter our Director with Silas Jojo "an inspiration"

The main illnesses are malaria, typhoid, intestinal worms, diarrhea, chest infections and minor wounds. Care of expectant mothers is an important part of the work and there are two beds for deliveries. Preventive measures include immunisation against polio, tetanus, diphtheria, whooping cough, measles and tuberculosis. Health education is also carried out, focusing on personal hygiene, safe drinking water, and HIV/AIDS awareness and protection.

Kimu is one of our pockets of hope caring tirelessly for its community throughout all the painful conflict and turmoil of recent months. Thanks to a generous donation made possible by Women's Education Partnership supporters the clinic has gone solar. Panels now provide lighting for emergency operations and fridges for cooling medicines independently of the erratic electricity supply. A six month project to assist with medicines for disadvantaged women has also been put in place and Kimu Clinic will host HIV/Aids outreaches for the Kimu community.

Kimu always needs more help please do think about this when considering your personal giving. All monies donated will go straight to the centre without deduction.

Kimu clinic is a pocket of hope in South Sudan.

A woman and her child receive treatment at Kimu Clinic

Caring for the community and promoting good health is vital in supporting education