KICS - A Special Opportunity for Students 

The Afhad University Programme began in the fall of 2014 as an IBDP CAS opportunity for Khartoum International Community School (KICS) students.

The Womens'Education Partnership KICS students

Kics Students 

The programme began under the umbrella of the charitable organisation “Together for Sudan”, later to become “Women’s Educational Partnership” based in England. This organization aims to sponser university education for underprivileged or displaced girls from within different regions of Sudan.

During the first academic year of this project students from KICS would go to the Afhad University every Saturday morning and spend two hours with small groups of Afhad University students. The objective of time spent together was to promote conversation either through the use of prompt or real life discussion. The personal benefits for KICS students was an insight into other cultures which exist within their country, the Afhad students had an opportunity to practice and improve English through real life interaction with native or near to native English speakers.

In the second year of the programme 2015 – 2016 we moved to the KICS premises. We felt that KICS students would be better able to plan and conduct sessions using the resources they had available at KICS. The school administration arranged for a bus to collect and return the Afhad students to their campus.

KICS students hard at work

The KICS students hard at work

We are now in the third year of this programme 2016-17. We have established some roles within the group of KICS students who take responsibility for the course and we are at a point at which the programme is run 100% by the students with minimum input from teachers, either in terms of materials or organisation. Recruitment for the programme is really by word of mouth, student feedback is positive.

With only a few hours a week KICS students do something special. They think it is not much to offer yet know they can make a small difference. The following quote is from one of the Women’s Education Partnership students, “ We learn so much in these lessons and we become more confident,” said a newly selected WEP scholar studying Health Science at Afhad University. “Thank you KICS.”

The IBDP students who keep this programme going and have this to say, “It’s challenging and interesting at the same time.” Khalid Year 12. Sometimes we all have to do things we don’t really understand, like speaking a different language or standing up to talk in front of strangers, so just as the Afhad students are being pushed into a new and challenging settings so too are KICS students as they struggle with materials for lessons and with being responsible for other students’ learning.