A picture is worth a thousand words. Below are just a few select images that help to represent some of the work we do and challenges that we attempt to meet. Click on any image to see a larger copy.

  • A Nuba Woman with eye care needs

    A Nuba woman with eye care needs attends an outreach event

  • A Nuba Studant shows her certificate

    University education brings hope for a women's future

  • A Nuba child in need of medical care

    Children are often vulnerable to illness that can interrupt an education. We never ignore this.

  • Candidates after a training day on Primary Healthcare

    The Women's Education Partnership empowers through education - in this case primary health care.

  • A young Nuba boy with eyecare needs

    The hot dusty climate in Sudan makes eyes vulnerable to many eye complaints.

  • A Nuban woman standing to speak at a meeting

    Sudanese women meeting at a literacy class.

  • Nuba women at a literacy class

    Education for all women is a basic need The Women's Education Partnership is responding to.

  • A WEP literacy teacher shows her certificate

    A newly trained WEP literacy teacher proudly shows her qualification

  • Literacy tutors display their certificates after training

    Training literacy teachers gives people work and increases literacy locally

  • A University Scholar in her robes

    A Women's Education Partnership university graduate.

  • Nuba women gather for a literacy class

    Empowering women is vital for the future of a peaceful society.

  • A woman waiting for eye surgery

    A Nuba woman waits patiently for her eye surgery at an eye care out reach.

  • Eye surgery at a WEP outreach

    The Women's Education Partnership works with medical professionals to ensure needs are met properly.

  • A Nuba child with severe eye care needs

    Some needs are extreme but no one is turned away - help will be found.

  • Young Sudanese school children

    Good quality education is the only way to a better future for everyone.

  • A Sudanese woman receives eye care

    A Nuba woman is treated for Pterygium at an eye care outreach.

  • Two Sudanese women help each other to walk

    Partnership is fundamental to all we do every day.

  • A Nuba woman waits for eye care at a WEP outreach

    A Sudanese woman waits patiently for her after care check up an eye care out reach.

  • Nuba school children in class

    Encouraging girls to secondary education and beyond is a vital goal.

  • School children study

    Providing good quality teachers for these young minds is essential.

  • Nagla at the St Gallen Symposium

    With a little help surprising things can be achieved.

  • Sudanese women waiting to be seen at an outreach

    Displaced women wait to be seen - often ignored or marginalised - but not by us.

  • A Nuba student displays her certificate

    A Nuba woman proudly displays her certificate to prove her training.

  • Vocational scholars repair an iron

    Vocational training empowers people with working skills that help them to earn a living wage.