Elementary Schools and Scholarships

The elementary schools scholarship project restarted in July 2013 with funding from ICING covering 10 schools. Almost four thousand (3944) students are enrolled at the schools where we provide incentives for teachers. While 133 (Girls 74 and Boys 59) orphans benefit from free places at the 10 schools at which Women' Education Partnership has supported teachers. Out of 133 supported students (115 in lower classes and 18 in grade 8) who sat for basic certificates in March-14, 12 passed successfully to high secondary schools.

A Woman's Education Partnership teacher with her class

Children are seen here with their teacher

This academic year 136 orphans are supported out of total number of 4666 students at our 10 partner schools.

The Children of Sudan organization is continuing to support the Kenneth Frazer School in Omdurman (one out of the ten schools) for educating ten children, orphaned through AIDS, since May 2012. This support has helped the school to complete the construction of two classes last year.

Women's Education Partnership school children

Children in a WEP sponsored school eager to learn

Two more schools will be added to bring the total to 12. Our work has been approved by the Administrator of Education in Khartoum State.

A Women's Education Partnership teacher

A WEP sponsored elementary school teacher