Ten Things That You Can Do to Help - Without Spending a Penny!

The Women's Education Partnership does many good things and is in constant need of funding to keep it's projects in operation.

Not everyone has spare money to give but that need not mean that you cannot be a valued supporter of our work. Helping us to connect with other people is an important task that helps us find new donors.

Listed below are ten simple things to try that will not cost you anything, but may help us raise much needed funds to help those in need.

  1. Tell people about us

    Word of mouth is a powerful tool that can sway hearts and minds. Simply pluck up courage and tell some one about us and the work we do.

    Here's a short document that might help.

  2. Like our Facebook page

    If you use Facebook simply go to our page there and "like" it. If you want become a member and then share it with all your contacts on Facebook.

    Visit our Facebook page

  3. Add us to your e-mail signature

    Most e-mail programs allow for a personal signature why not simply add a mention of the Women's Education Partnership or even a hyperlink to our website. Then everyone that gets an e-mail from you gets to hear about us.

  4. Display a poster

    Do you have access to a notice board in a hall or corridor? why not put up a WEP poster for all to see. Posters are A4 size and are available for download to print.

    Download a poster now!

  5. Follow us on Twitter

    If you like to tweet on Twitter why not follow us on Twitter and let all the people you tweet to find out about us too. You can even retweet some of our messages.

    Visit Twitter page

  6. Host a web banner

    Do you have access to a blog or website? Why not show your support by hosting a web banners?

    Please contact our webmaster who will be pleased to help.

  7. Encourage a charity event

    Are you part of a club or society that may be willing to hold an event to raise funds for our work? A charity event can be good publicity for all involved and great fun too, why not suggest it?

    See our Be a Hero Page.

  8. Tell others about online donation

    Tell all your friends that we can accept donations quickly and easily online through our Virgin Giving webpage. we get the whole amount and can even claim Gift Aid. It's secure, quick and you don't even need an account to donate.

    Visit our Virgin Giving page.

  9. Check out our US Sister charity

    For people in the USA we have a sister charity. It's a 501/3c charity and is a simple tax efficient way for U.S. citizens to make a donation.

    Women's Education Partnership US

  10. Share this list with someone else

    Simply pass this list on to someone who like you is caring and wants to help displaced and marginalized Sudanese and South Sudanese women in need.