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About Women's Education Partnership

Women's Education Partnership was founded as a charity in 1999 by Lillian Craig Harris OBE and Ambassador Alan Goulty, CMG. Initially named, Together for Sudan, the charity has always existed primarily to support displaced, vulnerable and disadvantaged women, regardless of ethnic or tribal background, through education locally, in what is now Sudan and South Sudan.

The charity is registered both in UK and Sudan and Lillian Craig Harris and Alan Goulty are our life patrons. The Director, who presently chairs the Board of Trustees, has always acted in an honorary capacity and no remuneration is paid to the Director or Trustees. Apart from 4 locally paid Sudanese staff working in a small rented office in Khartoum, all others involved with Women’s Education are volunteers.

We directly support the education of disadvantaged and vulnerable women in Sudan and South Sudan where the needs are great

We pay the tuition fees for over 100 women scholars at university in Khartoum, Sudan and Juba, South Sudan. Over time, we have supported 340 women who have graduated from university

We provide additional English classes for our undergraduates working in partnership with Khartoum International Community School

We fund adult literacy circles for some of the poorest women in Sudan. Over 350 women are benefitting now from this education

We support eye care outreaches for women who cannot play a full part in community or family life because of eye problems. We treated over 4000 patients in 2015

Celebrating Our Work

A brief slideshow

April 2016

Earlier this year, we have held two receptions. In February, on a windy evening in Sudan, 70 of our distinguished local supporters and friends gathered at Fenti in Khartoum at an event hosted by Samia Omar. 5 of our undergraduate students spoke passionately about how funding from WEP had transformed their lives. Education is opening doors for them and they were hugely thankful.

Another group of distinguished supporters, including all our Trustees and many of our patrons met in March at the House of Lords in London. Baroness Kinnock welcomed us and offered her full support and encouragement for the work we are doing for women in Sudan and South Sudan.

I was privileged to be present at both receptions, having spent 2 months in Sudan working with our staff and learning more form our students.

Little by little our supporters and the women in Sudan are telling us that WEP is growing stronger. Our adult literacy projects in remote areas are welcomed and we are forming new partnerships in Sudan and in South Sudan.

We are delighted to welcome new trustees and patrons to our family. Dr Anna Snowden and Rita Bellamy-James have become Trustees and Ambassador Micahel Aron, Muna Eltahir (Director of Practical Action, Sudan), Mette Sunnergren (Swedish Ambassador to Sudan) and Julia Waters (Head of Ursuline High School Wimbledon) have all offered their enthusiastic support and join us as patrons.

Now we come turn to a graduation. On April 27th, 20 of our students will graduate at Ahfad University in Omdurman and there will be further celebrations. We will report soon after that event and share their stories with you.

Women's Education Partnership makes no religious or cultural distinctions in the way we allocate funds. Our aim has always been for disadvantaged women in Sudan and South Sudan, to flourish through the power of education. We want them to have a better future for themselves and their families where war and displacement in both countries has caused deprivation, hurt and lack of opportunity. In both countries we want women to be educated, literated and healthy.

Thank you for your support on behalf of the women of Sudan and South Sudan. We can see that the work of WEP is making a difference and that women are becoming more financially independent and are taking up significant roles in their communities, more empowered and better equipped to flourish through the education they have received.

Peter Hullah

Education for women is very much the family business and has been for many many decades so I salute the efforts or Women’s Education Partnership and wish your ventures every success.

Zeinab Babawi, International Journalist and Advocate of Women's Education

I want to congratulate Women's Education Partnership on your long term commitment to changing the lives of some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged women in Sudan though education.

Michael Aron The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Sudan and Patron of Women’s Education Partnership

Education for any woman is the path to equal and qualitative participation in decision making on all levels. It must be a priority in Sudan to empower disadvantaged women and assist them so that they can contribute to their own wellbeing and develop a prosperous society for both women and men.

Ambassador Mette Sunnergren, Ambassador of Sweden to Sudan and Patron of Women’s Education Partnership