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In the first of our Student Stories, we hear from current student, Hawa, about her experiences and the impact education has is Sudan.

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Updates and response to Covid-19, May 2020

Women’s Education Partnership is very conscious of what a challenging time we all face – our learners, donors and supporters, and our small staff team in the Sudan. The Covid-19 virus pandemic has turned our world upside down. In common with many other countries, Sudan has now adopted a policy of ‘stay at home’ to limit the spread of the virus. Sudan is some weeks behind the UK on the trajectory of the virus, just at the beginning of the outbreak. It is almost certainly at greater risk because its health system is less developed and less well resourced.

We hope and pray that the outbreak will be successfully contained in Sudan and South Sudan, and we are very concerned about the safety of our Sudanese staff and all our contacts there.

What is our response?

In Sudan the universities, schools and our WEP literacy circles have all been closed down for the present because of the pandemic. We have instructed our small in-country staff team in Khartoum to work from home and we have equipped them with laptops to make it possible for them to communicate online. Our staff have also advised our literacy facilitators, our literacy learners and our undergraduate students at university to stay at home.

We hope that when the outbreak is over, we will be able to return to normal and provide our services to learners as before.

We are also pleased to be able to contribute to a ‘national response’ to the crisis, at the invitation of the Humanitarian Aid Commission. Our local staff are helping extend awareness of the virus threat and to facilitate distribution of official awareness literature to our literacy learners and their families in deprived areas around Khartoum.

We aim to keep all our supporters informed of development through posts on this website and through our blog at: https://womensliteracysudan.blog/

South Sudan

South Sudan faces a similarly uncertain future with the advent of Covid-19. As in the north, it has declared a lock down of schools and other institutions. Our activities in the South with the Kimu Integrated Development Organisation are temporarily suspended, and we are aiming to begin again once the crisis is past.

Changes at WEP

In the autumn of 2019 two new trustees joined the Trust – Bryony Pike and Simon Boyd. Bryony is an expert in international development and Simon is a former education publisher specialising in adult literacy.

Imogen Thurbon has stood down after 5 years as a trustee, during which time she has been instrumental in leading and developing our literacy circles for women in Sudan. She will continue to be in charge of WEP’s blogsite with its regular reports on literacy and other developments. We thank her for her dedication and continued efforts.

In addition, WEP’S long serving voluntary director, Peter Hullah, stepped down as trustee and director from 1 April 2020. He will continue to assist with the direction of WEP over the next few months. Peter joined WEP as director in 2012. We are very grateful to Peter for his leadership, dedication and commitment over the last few years of change and development for WEP, which included the charity’s reconfiguration to serve both Sudan and South Sudan, after the latter’s independence in 2011.

The Trustees will steer the Trust as a team, chaired by Simon Boyd.


We are deeply grateful to our sponsors and personal donors, and to grant giving bodies, for their continued support. As a result we believe that WEP will be able to ride out the crisis and once the problems are over will return to providing its services to disadvantaged women – through bursaries to undergraduates from Darfur and the Nuba Mountains and elsewhere, through literacy circles for deprived women and support for their children at school, and through initiatives such as the eye care provided by our ophthalmic surgeon partner.

Please see our social media channels and this website for further news:

Blogsite: https://womensliteracysudan.blog/

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/womenseducationpartnership

Twitter account: https://twitter.com/womensed

Celebrating Our Work

Three video shorts



Education for women is very much the family business and has been for many many decades so I salute the efforts or Women’s Education Partnership and wish your ventures every success.

Zeinab Badawi, International Journalist and Advocate of Women's Education

I want to congratulate Women's Education Partnership on your long term commitment to changing the lives of some of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged women in Sudan though education.

Michael Aron The Ambassador of the United Kingdom to Sudan and Patron of Women’s Education Partnership

Education for any woman is the path to equal and qualitative participation in decision making on all levels. It must be a priority in Sudan to empower disadvantaged women and assist them so that they can contribute to their own wellbeing and develop a prosperous society for both women and men.

Ambassador Mette Sunnergren, Ambassador of Sweden to Sudan and Patron of Women’s Education Partnership