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"Power to the Powerless Through Education"    UK Charity No 1151145

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We regard education in Sudan and South Sudan as a human right and promote personal and community empowerment through service, taking our lead from what displaced and marginalized people say they need.

"Power to the powerless through education"

We believe that education of women is the central building block of civil society. Our work is carried out through a United Kingdom charity:

Women's Education Partnership

See also our sister US charity WEP - US

"Building peace through service"

Four Sudanese aid workers work in our project office in Khartoum supervise our work in the Khartoum area and support the university students. In South Sudan we relate directly to Silas Jojo at Kimu Health clinic and Dr Philip Wani at Juba University. We also work closely with Editha and Sarah at NWERO who run HIV/Aids outreaches in South Sudan on our behalf. Sadly we have had to close our centre in Kadugli in Sudan therefore our projects in the Nuba Mountains are currently suspended. However we plan to restart our projects there when conditions allow.

In March 2014 the Director,Peter, visited our projects in Khartoum, Sudan and the outlying areas and Peter is in regular contact with our friends in South Sudan.

We make no religious or cultural distinctions in the way we allocate funds. Our aim has always been for disadvantaged women in Sudan and South Sudan, to flourish through the power of education. We want them to have a better future for themselves and their families where war and displacement in Sudan and South Sudan has caused deprivation,hurt and lack of opportunity. In both countries we want women to be educated, literate and healthy.

Our director, our patrons, trustees and officials of the Women's Education Partnership are volunteers and work from home.

Celebrating Our Work

Ahfad University Students funded through WEP

November 2015

Educating Disadvantaged Women –Building a Hopeful Future

Women’s Education Partnership is building hope for women in Sudan and South Sudan. We continue to offer university scholarships and training courses to some of the most needy women in Africa. Also, we are extending our adult literacy and eye care programmes, doing more in both countries where there is most need.

On a visit to Khartoum and Juba in October, I met women who continue to struggle as they cope with forces totally outside their control. Most of all the women want increased access to education to help them and their families. They want skills to help them return to their local areas and they want to be agents of hope for the future of their country.

Conversations often ended with the women saying, “Thank you” to Women’s Education Partnership and, “Please give us more.” They did not want material things but increased access to basic and higher education.

Our response is to commit more funds to offering more scholarships and increasing the number of our adult literacy classes and eye care outreaches.

As we grow, we are new forming partnerships with other organisations who wish to work with us and we are seeking new friends and new donors.

This WEP November 2015 newsletter tells something of our story as we work together to build a Hopeful Future for the women.

Thank you if you are already a donor and please consider donating if you are new to WEP. Contact us for more information or join us at one of the two WEP receptions planned for 2016, in Khartoum on Febrauary 6th and at the House of Lords, London on March 15th.

Peter Hullah

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